Rent a Car in Athens  insurances

Car Rental fees include:

Excess Amount for Collision by Car Rental Categories

GTI (Glasses and tyres )insurance covers damages for glasses and tyres of the car. This insurance has 0 deductable for damages happened durinng rental of the car in tyres and glasses  and prices are according to the type of the car.(recommended)

SFCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver Insurance)

With SFCDW Super Collision Damage Waiver Insurance it is an insurance for clients wants to reduce the amount of the responsability. Prices and excess for this insurance is according the type of the car. (material damages) 

Daily Charge of Super CDW (FDW) - Optional :

SFCDWWCC (Super Full collision Damage waiver without credit card ) This is a Fully comprenhensive insurance for clients with 0 deductable and ideal for clients without credit card. If you buy this insurance you are not be obliged to leave any amount of deposit.

No insurance coverage shall apply to:

Optional Charges and Coverage:

Very important notice: